Inventory Management
A perfectly useful software that is useful in maintaining the inventory records for the organizations of all sizes and scopes. This management system helps in recording as well as supervision the details of product inventory, pricing, bills, and purchase orders at a central location in a reliable and secured environment.
Asset/Resource Tracking
Having an asset tracking app is resourceful for all the industries including food deliveries, women safety, address locating, and other parcel deliveries. This app with attractive and convenient interface with Google Maps integration enables the real-time and accurate location tracking of assets/resources through smartphones.
Management Softwares
HR Management System
A reliable software that is helpful in managing employee data, salaries, generating salary slips, appraisals, leaves, complaints/requests, etc. Having such a system could be beneficial to manage the in-house details of the human resources of both small and large companies with a guarantee of confidentiality of the information.
Learning Management System
An all-inclusive tool for educational institutions that empowers them to move their entire structure online - keeping records of students, teachers, and fees, conducting classes, assignments/homework, tests, and exams. There are separate panels for students, teachers, and admin to manage their operations with ease.
Mobile Application
Quiz Gaming Application
An educational and entertaining quiz app where the users have the ability to win vouchers and gifts for online and offline vendors around them, while the local businesses have the opportunity to grow through collaborations with the quiz app with their offers, hence promoting the "Vocal for Local" ideology.
Mobile Application
Barcode Scanner Application
A mobile app that can be used for scanning the product barcodes at the time of stock in and stock out to manage the inventory at the backend. This app is simple to use and can be useful for manufacturing industries, wholesalers, and retailers alike as it would help in maintaining, analysing, and hence planning of inventory.
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